it's not like he occupies my every thought. but i hate taking things slow--it seems silly not to take every chance, especially when time passes so fast.

i wish i could talk to him about my thoughts on relationships in general, so that he knows where i stand and that i don't expect anything. i guess we'll see as time passes.

i like to be direct, and i like direct answers. but i don't mind waiting for something if it's worth the wait. i know all important things take time and effort. i would love to find someone that can be my partner in building something that will eventually grow on it's own, but i would never try to fit anyone into that position. i can't expect someone to stick around and listen to my shit forever. and i'm certainly not going to sacrifice my peace for some lousy companionship. and besides, if you start out with low expectations, you're always pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

i guess that's where i am right now.

i automatically discount sexual relationships on the basis that they are involuntarily necessary and therefore not based on anything real. i separate sex from relationships because it is not the foundation for growth, and should not be considered as such. the foundation for growth is not based in something physical, it's much more specific to the people involved. their personalities, their beliefs and who they are--all these things.

the fact that everyone likes to have it off is not enough fodder for a good relationship. or at least, not for me.