SO HE walks up to me all insouciantly in his studebaker ((QUICK! WHAT'S TWO PLUS FOUR?! an i say FUCK OFF KILL and he's all like NOW WAIT A so ((SIX! rampantly, compliantly, the assassination of the tool bell in post-antiq(s)kwitties; kitties COW BAREEEEL,,, so moe says so moses osmosis, I BET YOU CAN GUESS THE

on the stick it is writteN:Face 1,,,, CLUE nam sub axe legimus hecubam reginam on the stick it is wrttiN:fAce 2,,,

abrupt arrivals and departures to sell the world a new old time drag a fixed set a tropical saradice not so much a cooler but a versionless leather holster property sale solllld oh babe have i hav GOT

freedom like a jello a new manifest distancy for nationals alike a new bread a new shit a new pork-celine a right set yesterday follows tomorrow minus a coiled wire like grease in the gears unlike a a writing implement a stone face a blank die plastic he said crittling like a sharp stone on the surface water ripplers try to but it all decreases as i go along a manifold manifest destiny for this planet mars earth venus old sun rises sets on the same horizon a pulse a jangle a shat into metaconscious no more microwaved dinners or glutton menschen a lullaby cradle of safety thought and troughs of healthy disease sometimes i think i think the recursive dream scenario playing out on the tuba-vision a drip-up-down helical caskets twined around my cold fingers in the dark in the monsters in the never land came come away to neverland with me she says and she means it like a lawyer an old old lawyer that spoke only of the law like a scripted program designed to tell its truth and the hacker has good intentions too the common mis-had suture structure of confusing terms hacker and cracker you fucking lame lime heads a big dopey smile fit for a candy wrapper children of earth we are shipping you off into relative vacuum so that your fluids may freely boil in the near pressureless space no stress babe no stress as we all know the preda(tors/trices) make us strong strong the symbol strong embedded in her shoulder a bold reminder a bold old boring crusty world a world of books and solemn times unfold all the things i could give away to have what i want a drink to sublime the quashed crushed crangled mares of night of day of i am staring into the sun this is what we call bright call hot call fusion we sense this as something we call beauty the symmetry of string interaction the abstraction spoken as physical sciences to observe what is in preference to what isn't sometimes i thinnnk our capability for abstract thought impairs us by allowing stupidity to exist we need predators to predators of understanding to more and better predators of understanding to force us to think correctly the comforts of irrationality no i would like to drown in your crazy please

on the stick it has been carved like so: ugly, stereo-cliche((commercial, clue, crrzy stories ((so that i might better advertise my inability to splay words on the wash-away ground. monday monday cain't trust that day. predicted this to be less than cool, an' it waaaas. oh baby, it was. withdrawal can do that to a person.

she just dies. locked away in the tantalus to torture my dreams. angie. angie still haunts my dreams. i am sick of exis- EXISTENTIAL ANGST oh how fucking cute. people that adhere to stereotypes are much like playing with simple AI scripts; you already know the various inputs and probable outputs, hence you can fuck with them to no end. example: today((yesterday was the day dryad made my head green. we are walking, arm in arm, on the riverwalk. we had spotted our quarry from high up ((postulated thoughts such as "I AMSO KEWLZORRS I AM NICOTINE-ADDICT PUNK AND I EXPECTORATE VARIOUS BODILY FLUIDS ON THE SIDEWALK in the big big ((shit-poor book store, and they conveniently walked below us, these targeted AIs. so i am green in the face and chin, have a brightly colored braided yarn wrapt around my left leg, hand cuffs on left wrist, the wooden sword with writings on it held in left hand. looking down on them ((double entendre from a few feet arm in arm and i make a non-threatening face at them. response predicted; i offer an offensive comment as they pass in conversation with dryad; one inquisites about my sexuality and i give a resounding affirmative to pleasurable male on male phallic-anal sex drives. to which they respond with a host of hebephrenic ((i must admit i only learned this word from a master, although i do have real experience with schizoids, and the schizoids i have known were no fun at all, no sirrrrr... but that might have possibly been because i was on the wrong side of the bars in that zoo)) to which they respond with a host of homophobic slurs cusses faggot queer and other such boring shitnesses. ah. this was a crowning achievement of the day: to fuck with the simple AIs, and laugh my way home with a dryad. god forbid i'm given a more powerful weapon on this field of battle ((that is, of the mind, since thought-crime has yet to be made an official offense by our ministries of truth and justice ((however, the ministry of the AMAMRICAN WAY clearly states a xenophobic hostility in areas such as these. i hope those kids pay for some lottery tickets. tax the reason-impaired!((must maintain proper public relations of course, that is, shove phallic symbols in their minds and hear them squeal to the beat of an electro-vibratron. perhaps we ought to put an EINGANG VERBOTEN sign on the door to stuuuuupeeeeeed-land, along with pictographs to ensure a higher ((that is, more than 1% success rate of turning the simple-scripted shit-bots away. oh. what the fuck. let's just mine the god damned street while we're at it. perhappenstancery this would remove some legs and thus remove their mobi- no. wait. they'd just get more annoying means, such as motorized personal personnel transports. hmm. no. no. let's merely keep to fucking with their little heads. requires a significant amount less effort... so many come down to this: lazy ((subject also known as the laws of thermodyn- ah. you know the rest. an' so on.

CAN YUORS GUESS THE state endorsed religion subsection j paragrahaph haigch article three line twotwotwo that which die MINISTRY ZOV TRUUUTH that which the state endorsed religion sayeth so-like:to eat shit fed through the wide-band comm channelses, such as:corporate/money/interests((also drugs, poppy seeds, opiates, heroin, we fight wars for oil and heroin, these d-rugs of die masshes, the state endorsed it says we are paying to blow ourselves up HAHAHAHA and then we orally satisfy ourselves for JOB WELL DONE...

ok ok have now established withdrawal is NOT GOOD THING ohhhhhhh am being crowned king obvious brain pock marked with kitten claw scratches this is what it feels like feels lahk ooh mah jaw just popped see i had scheduled this here appointment with the psychiatrist and i had slept through/forgotten it they called me up and rescheduled for much later and asked did i have enough medication and i said yes yes lying because i don't give a fuck and it's annoying so am now going through withdrawal from the remeron(mirtazipine

IT SAID please~ no more stupid, i am full

cigarette ugly charm only faces no farther no farther the withdrawal aches subside progressively a pouncing kitten kitten kawaii is an island of kittens to feed the sero-addicts

a person wakes up says oh shit i'm conscious again. honestly. i am fucking sick of this. this is existential angst, that which can not be escaped or successfully denied without the proper mental filter of retardation. this chemical reaction is sick of pain. of horror. of pain. pair-haps i should still be doing the proper drugs so as to increase my sero amount until i am plugged happy. per-haps i am merely on an upset stomach, an upset mind, slurping down water straight out of a can of tuna. the horrible, horrible visage of bloated corpses. discoloration is the wrong word; it does not communicate the rising vomit in they who are still capable of emotional responses. shoot me up until i am gone. i want to leave with you by my side, in a nitrogen narcosis smile. hold me; i am not well. i miss your touch. touch. another SIMPLECOMMON((extraordinary taken for granted by the beautiful. it is difficult, difficult, to maintain enough denial to carry me up into the fifth level of maslow's hierarchy of needs. adolescents alternate coffee grounds and dog shit into my nostrils so that i may enjoy neither, so that only a psy-