1988 soundtrack to the movie of the same name by Joe Jackson. The movie is about Preston Tucker who built a new kind of car in 1948 and was ruined by the automobile industry even though his car contained many safety and other features that they all adopted later. The movie starred Jeff Bridges and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. I got to see the movie as a birthday present since my friends knew I was a big Joe Jackson fan.

Unlike 1983s Mike's Murder, Joe's music is actually the soundtrack of this film. It has the sounds of Jumpin' Jive but it's mostly original music, and not all period instruments--there's a bit of synthesizer here and there.

Interestingly, the music playing when Homer Simpson is dreaming of The Land Of Chocolate in The Simpsons seems stolen note-for-note from the Captain of Industry (overture) from this album. Check it out. Also, the song "Shape In A Drape" was released as a single from this album, and you may have heard it on the radio.

Track listing (lots of instrumentals):

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