Montgomery Burns has sold the Springfield power plant to the Germans.

Homer mentions fixing the candy machine, since some workers really like their candy. The owner says, "We understand, Homer. After all, we are from the land of chocolate!"

Homer muses, "Mmm... The land of chocolate. . ."

Cut to a Willie Wonka-esqe land where everything is made of chocolate. Rivers of chocolate, chocolate houses, a sign telling you the Land of Chocolate is population 1372. A dog jumps into Homer's arms, and he eats it because it's chocolate.

Meanwhile, a jaunty tune is playing in the background that is a perfect Alf Clausen parody of the Captain Of Industry Overture from the movie Tucker: The Man and his Dream.

When Homer snaps out of it, ten minutes have passed.

A Google search on The Land of Chocolate also returns a Maryland based progressive rock band formed in 1999, with ties to the band Echolyn. Although their web site doesn't say they're named after this Simpsons vignette, it seems likely.

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