Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a colored computer, or that it shouldn't be a color you like. What I am saying is that when you are posting for help or looking for info about your machine, what color it is has no bearing on the problem, and I don't really care.

This is most significantly a problem with new Apple machines. Yes, I know, a blue and white G3 is different than a graphite G4, but what really matters is RAM, CPU, and disk, and assorted items. You also cannot be sure that the color of the computer defines what's inside--someone may have changed it. Thinking that since I know you have a strawberry iMac will mean I will figure something important out about you or your computer is just silly.

The color of your computer is not the most important thing about it, just like the color of your car isn't either. Again, color is nice and whatnot, but it doesn't significantly affect how the thing actually works.