Turf. verb: to transfer a troublesome patient to a different ward of the hospital. The opposite of this is 'bounce', when he or she is turfed back to the orignal ward.

One funny case I heard through the hospital grapevine is this:
A male Alzheimer's patient in his late 80's was admitted to the hospital for kidney problems. The wife said he was a World War II veteran and therefore should be sent to the VA Hospital. The residents called the VA and made arrangements to 'turf' the patient. It went successful and another patient out of their hair on a busy night.

The next day the resident comes back, and finds the patient 'bounced' back. There's a note with him. "Nice Try. Right war, wrong side!"

After asking the wife, they found out he fought on the side of the Germans. Gee, I wonder how he got treated by the patients there.