One more SUV. Its history goes back a while, they were made before several competing car makers jumped in with their own.

The newest edition, the 2001 Montero Limited is a very good car, 7 seats, 2 and 4 wheel drive, sport mode (can go from automatic to manual transmission). One small problem, rollover.

You might get a little nervous at the "Warning! High Rollover Risk" plastered on the visor. Well, SUVs are top-heavy. This one especially.

We bought one 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, while flipping channels, we caught a picture of our car on CNN. After watching for a few seconds, my mom stopped what she was doing and turned up the volume. Apparently the 2001 Limited Edition has the worst rollover rating. There was footage from Consumer Reports showing it on 2 wheels as it swerved and rolled onto its saftey bar at only 38 miles per hour. There were over a dozen trials and even hired another firm to reconfim the findings.

Mitsubishi's claim is that the test is outdated, biased, and the test is way too wide. Cut to Mitsubishi footage of a more narrow, less swerved track. It's fine.

If you already own a Montero, Consumer Reports gives the following tips:

Always wear your seatbelt.
Drive slowly and concentrate. Keep within posted speed limit.
Do not load anything on the roof rack, it makes it more top-heavy.

My parents have added:
Don't let 16-year olds near car. Darn.