Large Island, east of NY, has 4 counties, Suburban Nassau and Suffolk, and urban Queens and Brooklyn.

Home to millions, big history, back to the American Revolutionary War. The Great Gatsby took place here, mostly. Walt Whitman, the poet, lived here.
Charles Lindbergh took off in Roosevelt field here, which now has the 3rd largest mall in the US.
Teddy Roosevelt grew up on Long Island.
Billy Joel lived here for all his life.
Brookhaven National Labs is here, as well as the Cold Spring Harbor DNA labs, 2 of the most prestigious science centers in the world.

The Hamptons are out west, the location from Jaws, very rich and exculsive towns. Fire Island is on the south shore. The Long Island Sound is on the North Shore, between Long Island and Connecticut
Famous for the Iced teas, and Fire Island.