wow, neat nodeshell!

When I did a search on "pickup line", tons of nodes turned up that were all variations on "bad pickup lines". I would like to share with the male population of Everything, the pickup line which always gets me.

My job consists of me sitting in a small office all day as a receptionist, people watching. I had seen this guy walking by my office a couple of times, and we started making eye-contact and smiling at each other when he passed. This went on for a few days - the occasional smile/wave.

Anyway, a few days later, I'm quietly reading in my quiet office, and the smiling guy comes in, and he says....

drum roll please...

"Hi. I thought I would come in and talk to you. My name's Jonathan."

OK. Why is this, or a variation on this, so great as a first line? A few reasons!

  • It's honest. I knew he wanted to talk to me, and he knew I wanted to talk to him. Why pretend it's anything else?
  • I instantly have respect for him. Although simple, like any pickup line, this takes guts to say. I am NOT good at pickups, and I want to be! (see 'fraidy cat.) He sets a good example.
  • It's non-threatening and doesn't scare me off. Almost all pickup lines are bound to fail just because they are pickup lines. This doesn't make me uncomfortable or like a piece of meat. This makes me feel interesting.

All in all, it was the perfect pickup session. It never amounted to anything, but let me tell you... he got a lot further than he would have if he had said "Hey baby, what's your sign?" His honest approach made me want to talk to him again.