This is the tale of my one and only meeting with Robert Anton Wilson, in my opinion one of the most intelligent men in the galaxy. He is the author of the infamous Illuminatus! Trilogy, the witty Schrödinger's Cat and the semi-biographical Cosmic Trigger series. All of these books changed my life in some way, or at least changed the way I percieve my life.

Anyway, Wilson was scheduled to appear at the Stockholm Spoken Word Festival, and me and a friend had secured tickets to the event. I really, really looked forward to seeing one of my greatest idols in the flesh (and yes I know that Wilson himself would probably object to being idolized but that's the way things are). On the day of the event my friend called and told me that the bookstore where he worked had somehow managed to get Wilson to come and sign books for a few hours in the afternoon and if I hurried I could just make it. Needless to say, I grabbed my copy of Illuminatus! and rushed off.

When I got there the signing event was almost over. During the trip to to the store I had thought about various witty, intelligent or insightful things to say, but when I stood there in front of the little table with all the people around I was nervous as hell and mumbled something incoherently while Wilson scribbled his autograph. And then it was over. Or at least that's what I thought.

I stayed and talked with my friend for a while and then it was time to get Wilson a cab so he could go back to his hotel and rest a bit before the show. I followed as they walked out in the street and suddenly, while my friend was away hailing a cab, I found myself alone with Robert Anton Wilson. Alone with the most intelligent man in the galaxy. He looked frail and old, not like I'd have imagined. This was partly because was approaching 70 years of age, partly because he'd had a long plane trip and was severely jet lagged. Later I was also informed that his wife had died the same year and I imagine that must have taken its toll as well.

This is it, I thought, This is it. My whole life has been building towards this moment.

"Er," I stuttered, "I should propbably way something wise, but I'm too shy."

"It's okay," he replied, "I should probably say something wise too, but I'm too damn tired."

And those were the only words we spoke to each other.