A book review:

The Breastfeeding Atlas 1999 by Barbara Wilson-Clay, BS, IBCLC and Kay Hoover, M Ed, IBCLC

The authors state, “The purpose of this text is to provide photographs of clinical breastfeeding situations to assist health care providers, lactation students and lactation consultants in identifying common and uncommon breastfeeding related conditions. Its goal is to broaden the assessment skill of those who support breastfeeding mothers and babies.”

The 230 photographs are clear and in color but small. Captions are full of valuable clinical information.

The book covers: 
Infant states and normal infant appearance
Infant diapers – stools, urine, and vaginal discharge
Appearance of human milk
Positioning and latch on technique
Flat and inverted nipples
Sore nipples
Yeast infections
Unusual presentation of the Nipple and Breast
Problems of Lactating breasts
Twin, Triplet and Tandem Nursing
Alternative Feeding Methods
Breastfeeding in Special Circumstances
Orofacial variations

Suitable for Lactation Consultants and other health care professionals working with mothers and/or babies but probably of limited interest to others.