May 5th, 2001

My plans for revenge upon the cretins at the high school continue their progression. They may have numbers and society's approval, but I have instincts hardened from years of video gaming. They stand no chance.
I have continued my training regimen, but no matter how how much I exercise, I cannot seem to obtain the vertical required to vanquish my enemies. Luckily, I have stockpiled more than a dozen turtle shells, which should make up for my shortcomings in altitude. Today during phy-ed I also tried a rolling attack against the football team's punter. I did manage to trip him, but he was not destroyed as I had hoped, and I also was bruised. I probably need to build up more speed first, or obtain some power rings. Another important development is my locating a large pile of barrels. My research has concluded that these are extremely dangerous, and I intend to use them liberally in my final assault. My search for a hook shot has been fruitless so far... this item is imperative to my plans, as I may well find a bottomless pit on my travels. Other than that, the only thing I could ask for is a gun to graft onto my forearm. As much as I fear the prospect of surgery, the value of such a weapon is undeniable.
Despite numerous setbacks, I have remained fixated on my goal. Soon, those who have tortured me will pay for their crimes, and I will have video games to thank for the taste of sweet revenge...

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