Remind me never to read other people's day logs before writing my own.


I really didn't want to node on this but I can't not.

There are so many ways to discipline a small child, hitting is ineffective but more importantly is just plain wrong.

Plus, I can still discipline my 17 year old 6 foot 2 inch son, and on occasions I need to. I could not do that if I hadn't developed a life history of respect AND effective methods. He has been bigger than me for almost half his life. Do you think he would listen to me if physical force was my main tool?

But, sadly, I've found that this is a very divisive issue and I have never convinced a confirmed spanker.

What I really wanted to talk about is SPRING. I love Spring. I just spoke to my mom in Florida and I realized that as much as I hate Winter I wouldn't want to miss Spring. I had the best time today tearing down the old dead stalks and clearing the debris from the new green stuff. Plus flowers are blooming again. Did you ever notice that Spring flowers are the prettiest of the whole year? I don't think it is just the long Winter deprivation that does that either. Daffodils, crocuses, snow drops ... what could be better?

I wish I was a better landscaper. I love to garden but it really is a mess. I plant things over top of other things and then forget what was where. My weed gardens are legendary. I have tons of flowers but the over all effect is not pleasing.