I had to wake up early today. I absolutely hate that. Waking up early. With the... goo in your eyes and nose and you don't have even the slightest inclination to get up but have to anyway.
I went to the mall to buy a tie for a wedding that I am to attend this weekend, the man at the counter asked me if I would be using my Meier and Frank charge card today. I briefly explained to him the fact that both credit and clothes shopping are evil and that my possessing a charge card for a department store would surely signal the comming of ragnarok and twilight of gods and man alike.
He looked at me a little strangely.
When he asked me if I would like a paper bag for my tie I informed him that I would simply pocket the tie. He looked at me again quizzically and said:

You don't do nothin fancy; do ya?

God, I hate the mall.