Women--constantly confronted with jeers, sexual remarks and clowning and sometimes sentiments of inequality by and from the dumber sex--are going to tend to see this as the worst possible thing that could ever conceivably happen to a person short of rape or murder.

I have some news for the world, being a "geek" (more often referred to as a "fucking dork") and reflecting upon the nightmare that was being ignored, shunned and then alternately physically assaulted, insulted, spit on, laughed at, threatened and humiliated daily (by men and by women)--I'd take being leered at or even an ass grab or two a day over going through what I went through ever again.

You may not agree; an ass grab! Holy cow! Could there be a worse fate? Yes, for me it is called being kicked in the nuts or perhaps being shoved in a garbage can. I feared going to school, every morning was dread; every eve, reinforcement as my fears were actualized on a daily basis.

Would you like to know what I did to be finally be left alone?

I snapped.

I actually had to physically beat someone bloody to get people to pay me respect. I couldn't do it with my mind; there was no number of books that I could read or pictures that I could draw that would have ever gained me the respect that I received for kicking the ever-living fuck out of a football player one day after school. I am not nor will I ever be proud that I did that. I have always been rather proud of my artwork.

Does this sound in any way familiar? Women tend to get quite upset when their worth is gauged by the over-all volume of their breasts. There is no real difference between that diseased social activity and any other of its kin.

Growing up as an untouchable I can say with a fair amount of authority that once women discover that they are "better" than you are they can be even crueler than men can. People get judged for things that are irrelevant and unfair and the sooner that the division line is between the judged and the judges and not men and women or black and white, the sooner we can actually begin to get somewhere.