New Year's Eve is always anticlimactic. We had been planning on having a party. One NYC friend called me yesterday at work to tell me that he couldn't make it up here for New Year's because he has too much work to do and has fallen too far behind to leave town for very long. Last night my best friend also called me from New York to tell me that she and her fiance may not be coming up for New Year's because of the potential snowstorm. I think they can beat it if they leave before Saturday afternoon, but I know that they don't tend to get up very early. I've already bought a bunch of hooch (even an experimental bottle of New York State champagne), but cotopus and I are unlikely to finish it all without help. I feel like a loser already.

I could use some suggestions for what to do if the entire gathering goes under, and we are left to our own devices. I suspect we end up glued to the Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network. Yipee. (Imagine my finger, feebly twirling in the air) Go Chen! Rub those crab brains through that strainer! Let the challenger reveal his insecurity by immediately resorting to the foie gras and truffles. You can beat him with hot bean paste.

Maybe we'll just go to bed early.