Ironically, the original meaning of "Compaq" was a combination of the words compatibility and quality. Anyone who doesn't see the irony in this (anyone who would buy a compaq, like 90% of the population) needs a big LART with a cluestick, preferably a metal cluestick with one end jammed into the Compaq's cheap and wimpy power supply.

What's the combination of irony and Compaq? Iraq?

Compaq's usual pracices include using 5.25 inch hard disks, completely non-standard cases and power supplies, building every peripheral in the world into the motherboard, and only one expansion slot.

This is all referring to the modern entity known as Compaq. Back in the day, Compaq was pretty cool. In fact, I own a Compaq. It's an 8086 "portable" computer (about the size of two suitcases) with a 20MB hard drive and a built in black-and-green monitor.