Cyprus has many tourist resorts (Excuse the English naming). Including Paphos, Limassol and Ayia Napa.

Paphos has history, a beautiful harbour, late night clubs and bars. A nice mix for thirty somethings. A short drive away is the wonderful Coral Bay beach.

Limassol has many clubs, bars and its own beach. It has many squaddies from the local British Army base. Ideal for families and those who like Benidorm.

Ayia Napa has just become the trendiest place in the Mediterranean, eclipsing the infamous Ibiza. It is the place for Raves, drugs and partying. Imported London DJs have made this place a party zone.

Cyprus also has much history:-

The temple of Aphrodite, where young girls given by the villages to generate money for the cult. The God Aphrodite aka Venus aparently walked in from the waves at the local beach.

The house of Diogenes. He invented wine and the 3000 year old mosaics on his floor, celebrate this. They knew how to party then as the mosaics depict the locals getting drunk wih lots of naked women.

The Tomb of the Kings, looks just like a level from Tomb Raider or Doom. I felt naked without a shotgun.