At present (in the UK at least), Royksopp is the music of choice for... well, practically everything.

I recently saw a Channel 4 special on the Le Mans 24 Hour race, and EVERY SINGLE INTERLUDE, such as presenting the cars, talking about the track, and so on was done to a Royksopp track.

This is, of course, after at least two car commericals featuring one of the Norse funsters' tracks, and innumerable radio stations using 'Eple' as their background music while the DJ natters away. Nobody seems to care about the marvellous 'Remind Me' video.

Other overused songs include The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony', which was quite literally run into the ground by advertisements. Quite why 'My Favourite Game' by the lovely Cardigans is suitable for car ads escapes me, but that didn't stop them... it was even the title track for the Gran Turismo 2 intro sequence. DIY and other 'reality' shows in the UK are especially fond of inappropriate incidental music.

To answer the question, it's simple. Enya. Chicane. Perez Prado and countless other big band acts from 50 years ago. In fact, I suspect everyone will have at least one serendipity where they hear a song - and realize they've known it for years because of an advertisement. If anything, it means more money for the band, more airplay for the song, and saves the advertisers having to commission their own terrible jingles (see: the DeAgostini 'I Love Horses' song).

On the flip side - as we have seen (and thank you mkb for helping me realize this) it can also seriously harm the band's career and/or crediblity. All these ahteests will now be forever associated with the advertisement. The frustration of releasing an album only to get most of your money from the tracks being licenced for advertisements or TV themes (see - The Rembrandts and the Friends theme) must be huge.