Mr. Noodle is a character on Sesame Street, or more specifically, the 15 minute segment at the end of Sesame Street called Elmo's World. During this segment, Elmo explores the subject of the day (shoes, hats, babies, dogs, books) via a number of avenues including:
  • talking to Dorothy, his pet goldfish about shoes
  • seeing a cartoon on the "shoe channel" by a strange, square-jawed Joan Cusack type of person
  • interviewing babies and children about shoes
  • consulting Mr. Noodle
Mr. Noodle is a silent, Charlie Chaplin-esque character that does a humorous slapstick routine punctuated by silly sound effects about shoes while kids voices (purportedly from the audience) cheer, jeer, and guide him out of his silliness to true understanding of, er, shoes.

Mr. Noodle was played by Bill Irwin originally. He is now joined by Michael Jeter from The Green Mile and Jurassic Park 3 in a "Noodle Family" context.