It is 12:10 PM, I am sitting in the library's computer lab. Diagonally from me sits a very very good looking Asian Goth girl who is in my English class. Our English class got cancelled (it was supposed to be at 12) and here I am, not knowing what to node as many thoughts race through my head...uh mind...whatever.

I realize that I should be completing my Biology lab which I've almost finished, but..and...miss this opportunity (?) ...to *cough* node? Laziness triumphs...or should I say something else. No, I'm not thinking about filthy things, just...my loneliness I guess.

*melodrame shrugs.

I suspect she's half-Chinese or something as she seems to posess features which are uncommon to most Asians. I could be wrong as her last name is Lam. She has the fairest skin! ...and she's so smart and her voice...her voice, it's gentle and soft! ARGH!


I'm kind of glad that I don't have to go to English class. My teacher is a lazy college professor, he just goes to class and basically socializes or babbles during it. It's boring and he gets annoyed when we speak. I have a theory that as professors ascend in their hierarchy, they get lazier as they get more authority. It's very annoying. I guess that's college huh?

At 2:00, I'll be going to my French class which is a conversation class. It's a nice class, very relaxing, but unfortunately, the teacher seems to be forgetting her French as well. It's understandable seeing as she (we) are surrounded by Anglophones. She has a wonderful accent. Not as sharp as common French(France) accents, but precise and proper nonetheless. We're reviewing the subjonctive and reading some articles from our textbook. Nothing challenging, I'm getting a fairly good mark in that class. And there I go bragging...

My dad's gonna pick me up at Five-ish, not sure what to do after 4 (which is when my French class ends). Maybe I should do my Biology lab... It's so boring though, all I do is listen to a bloody tape and take notes! ARGH!

ah...she types so fast and loudly, as if she were trying to impress the whole computer lab! I don't want to look, but from the corner of my eye, she seems to be typing something from a book. How very disturbing and interesting at the same time...

Well it looks like I won't have time to go do my Biology lab, so I'll go node The Drizzt Metanode instead. It might end up as a nodeshell (today) as I do not know what to expect or how long I shall node it. I will complete it however.

May the 4th be with you!

P.S. I realized I left out a rather emotionally attaching important detail about today. This morning when I woke up, for some very odd reason, "My Girl" had invaded my mind. The last time I heard that song (from what I remember) was when I was...10 I think. It was when me and Dominique were really good friends and I hadn't acquired a taste for music yet, but he had influenced me with music like Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, The Simpsons sing the Blues and The California Raisins (at the time, there was also the cartoon). Anyhow, the California Raisins tape had My Girl on it and also I heard it to the Grape vine (which I will, if nobody else, node when I get home).

And this morning, nostalgia took over me. An echo in childhood had reached my soul.