I fucking hate talking about my lame love life, but I'll record my dream anyways.

It was her again. She's in my dreams now, how fucking lame. Anyways, this one was a weird one. It definitely has something to do with my preference of white girls over Asian chicks. I don't remember everything in the dream, but there was one scene that was really scary and destroyed my love for everything.

I was in the bus going somewhere, maybe nowhere. The bus had stopped at the Boston Pizza stop in the afternoon. Somebody was cackling from the back of the bus. I turned around to see this Girl. She was white and I had never seen her before, but she seemed familiar. She looked at me, peered into my secrets, pierced my soul. It felt so intrusive. And she continued to laugh like one of those Evil Anime Women...like Ryouko in Tenchi. Then there was this flashback picture cycling through my mind. She was the Goth Girl, but she was White for some reason.

Nothing makes sense...