I have a job interview!

The big interview is set for tomorrow at 2pm. I'm hoping that by tomorrow tonight I'll be a report writer for a private investigation company! That would be great. And full time, too! No more crappy waitressing jobs! I think that may be the best part...

I went to the library to start studying for my last exam on Friday. I got books and photocopies and am now working on my procrastination skills, which include, but are not limited to:

Of course, I know that none of these are particularly original forms of procrastination- unlike my friend, who, to waste time, took his cat for a drive to the beach. His cat was so distressed by the whole ordeal he just farted the whole time. Apparently it really stank the car out. My friend hasn't procrastinated that way again.

We saw a huge green parrot today in the pet shop, an eclectus. They look like the original pirate's parrot: big hook beak, huge chest and wingspan, and an annoying kind of "arrr arrrr" sound. He was gorgeous and very vocal. Also $830. And they need huge cages because they're so big - in the pet shop he was in a cage they usually keep 6 cats in. And eclectuses (eclecti?) need a lamp shining on them all the time just to keep them warm enough. He seemed to be a very high maintenance pet. Hmmm, maybe another day... after I get my first pay cheque.

Update: I didn't get the job. I went to the interview and it went okay, but I got THE PHONECALL OF DOOM earlier tonight, and was told I didn't get it. Meh.

Update 2: Well, it's a month later and I got the job (eventually). They originally asked me if I wanted them to "keep my resume on file"- at the time I thought yeah, right, keep it on file so that you can shred it as soon as I walk out the door. In reality it apparently really meant they would keep it on file, so that when someone quit three weeks later they offered it to me! Wow, they actually kept their word... employers aren't all bad! After a few days of employment, anyway.