The rules of survival at boarding school:

1. Most important survival mechanism is the sense of humour. If you can see the funny side of Sundays locked in a prison then boarding school is for you.

2.Second is Tolerance. If you can tolerate being relentlessly assaulted by twenty different teachers twenty four hours a day, then pack your bags and get here immediately.

3. The art of begging must also be practised if you wish to be nourished at all during your 10 weeks under boarding school's friendly "loco-parentis".

4. You must also posses the uncommon ability of being able to sleep next to the year's "shower a term man" on a bed which would probably be better off with out the matress.

5. If you a considering a career in the army then boarding school may be just the place for you. To top it off it's fairly unlikely that you'll be shot, but as with everything there are depending factors....