The "Spielbank Wiesbaden" is a famous casino located in Wiesbaden, Germany. It is located in the Kurhaus (Spa), a very beautiful building built 1907 by the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II in a classical style. It features one hall with table games and another hall filled with slot machines. You can play the following table games in Wiesbaden:

  • Roulette - They offer the classical (European) Roulette, which is the preferred game in a casino in Germany, and three variants, called Roulite, Super-Roulette and Amroul, which are faster and therefore (according to the casino) more exciting.
  • Poker - The basic poker game, played in the four casino variants coming from the US "Seven Card Stud", "Texas Hold'em", "Omaha" and "Draw".
  • Blackjack - The game about the "magic number" is hundreds of years old and can still be found at almost every casino.

The first casino opened in Wiesbaden as early as 1771, attracting many famous guests like Wilhelm II. or Otto von Bismarck, the hard-liner (believing in "blood and iron" only) who established the German empire 1871 after fighting against France and Austria. Another one was the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky who wrote a whole book about the casino called "The Gambler".

Today it is a large source of income for the city (with approx. 31.55 mio € revenue 1999), to be allowed to gamble there you must be 18 years or older and wearing casual is prohibited at the table games.