What is needed here, and what I hope to offer, is a first-hand account of the effects and availability of tramadol.

I first stumbled across tramadol on one of my jaunts into the seamier side of the web. Anything can be obtained for the right price if you only know where to look. With this spirit in mind, I set off to find some quality, yet inexpensive, painkillers. This is how I found the JLF Catalog. The catalog offered a sundry of questionable items including, but not limited to, morning glory, peyote, dopamine and of course tramadol. On a tangential note, the cover of the magazine consists of a Santa figurine surrounded by a fresh harvest of amanita muscaria mushrooms. A JLF catalog special. Tramadol was sold by the gram in pure powder form, allowing the catalog to sidestep the pharmaceutical industry all together and give the customer an incredible price for a decent painkiller. Of course, nothing lasts forever as JLF was raided by the police after a teenager overdosed on another of their products, 2C-T-7. The story was covered in Rolling Stone.

Tramadol is a one-two punch of a drug. Part of the drug's mode of action is to bind to the opioid receptors while still another inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin. What results is an experience not unlike mixing codeine and ecstasy, and can be an incredibly pleasant high. Unlike opioids, people on tramadol will remain alert, talkative and full of energy. First time users can experience 'tramadol dreams,' where they seem to nod off and drift into a comfortable stupor though they are still awake, at doses of 200 mg or less. This happens most frequently towards the end of the high, as the drug can have lasting potentcy for 6-8 hours. The idea that a 400 mg dose would precipitate a call to your local poison control center is ludicrous. Granted, 400 mg is a powerful dose for someone not acquainted with the drug, but doses over 600 mg are not unknown.

These days tramadol is about the easiest drug to obtain on the net. There are dozens of sites that will sell it to you with no prescription, though they usually will quite happily rip you off as well. A good price is about $50-75 for 100x50mg pills. The powder can also be snorted for a stronger high as it is very smooth and only slightly more irritating than cocaine. Tramadol combines perfectly with both marijuana and tobacoo cigarettes.