Due to draconian letter rationing policies on EFnet, many EFnet users have been forced to find nonstandard methods of expressing words if they find themselves running low on certain common letters. One example of such is the convention of using "x0r" in place of "ck" every time "ck" comes at the end of a word. If some kind of word modifier is applied to the word in question, the x0r is placed before the modifier, although there is one exception to this. For the sake of consistency, if the ck at the end of a word is followed by an "er", the "er" is omitted, as in "Jim is an elite hax0r".

This notation has no connection to the boolean xor operation.


  • The network was hax0red, and everything is all fux0red up now.
  • This sux0rs.
  • You may register a domain name under the Cook Islands TLD at http://www.whois.nic.x0r/.
  • I am going now to the kitchen to get a snax0r.
  • Thanx0r you very much.
See also x0r, 31337, 0\VN.