Jolly Ranchers, being fairly strong flavoured candy is ideal for making some of the tastiest shooters this side of South Africa.

You will need:
one half bottle of Vodka (350ml)
12 Jolly Ranchers of your favorite flavour

The Vodka does not have to be top quality, Smirnoff Red Lable works fine, I imagine Stolichnya or Vladivar will be fine too. The Jolly Ranchers should all be the same flavour, fruit cocktails have been tried but they are not as good as the real thing. You can vary the number of Jolly Ranchers to suit your own particular tastes but this noder has found 12 to be the magic number. My personal favorite flavours for this drink are Apple and Watermelon but it does work with any of them.

Unwrap all the Jolly Ranchers
Place all Jolly Ranchers in Vodka
Wait 4-5 hours for all Jolly Ranchers to dissolve completely
Place funny coloured vodka in the freezer until it is really cold

Serving Suggestions:
Pour into shot glasses

This can probably be mixed with lemonade for a long refreshing drink, but to be honest, it tastes so good straight that I never felt the need to try it. This stuff will get you very drunk very quickly - the perfect thing for your New Year party.