While the initial idea of the Bowl Championship Series was to remove the subjectiveness from the mythical national championship the current system insures that college football fans will always have something to argue about. The factors for ranking teams for this season (2001) are:

I. Polls (25 percent)
Average of team's rankings in:

  • Associated Press
  • Coaches poll

II. Computer rankings (25 percent)
Beginning in 2001, the best and worst computer rating will both be thrown out and the remaining six will be averaged. The participating computer rankings for 2001 are:

  • Peter Wolfe
  • Wes Colley
  • Sagarin
  • Seattle Times
  • Richard Billingsley
  • Kenneth Massey
  • David Rothman
  • Matthews/Scripps-Howard

III. Strength of schedule (25 percent)
Combination of team's:

  • Opponents' record (66 percent)
  • Opponents' opponents' record (33 percent) This number gets divided by 25

IV. Losses (25 percent)

  • Losses count one point each.

I think the only thing possibly more complicated than this system is figuring out your Median Node-Fu Product;)