An experimental EP released in May of 1998 by the late music artist Carl Crack. Influenced by dub, hip-hop, and Japanese noise. 21 tracks and about 73 minutes long, Crack intended the EP to be listened to as one piece of music. The type of music that can only be created on one's own, it allows a kind of insight into Crack's troubled mind.

This EP had an extremely limited release of about 1000-2000 CD and Vinyl copies worldwide.

  1. If you mess with me
  2. Gangsta
  3. KR-6200
  4. Headcase
  5. Tin Tin
  6. Indaba
  7. Fu Man Chu
  8. What's Going On?
  9. Khoi-San
  10. Darling
  11. Mein Geist Ist Dein Geist
  12. Dogon
  13. Sonnenfreunde
  14. Herbstlaub
  15. Shit
  16. Times Like These
  17. Fucking Day
  18. Drunken Style
  19. Plasma
  20. Radio Tschernobyl
  21. Durban Poison

Some information from Digital Hardcore Recordings

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