Remy Lebeau ( aka Gambit ) is one of the X-men and an intriguing Marvel super-hero. Born in New Orleans to unknown parents, he was unsual to the effect that his eyes had a reddish hue. He's stolen from the hospital and put under the care of a person called Antiquary. However Jean Luc Lebeau, leader of the Thieves Guild, steals Remy from him and hides him, only to lose him a little later on.

Young Remy grows on the street as an orphan. He starts picking up the tricks of the trade, specializing in pick-pocketing. His skill catches the attention of Jean Luc who takes him into the guild and teaches him the skills and secrets of the Guild.

His clan, the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, was at war with the Assassins Guild. To maintain peace among the clans, he married Belladonna Boudreaux, the daughter of the chief of the Assassins Guild. But Remy was exiled soon after for killing her brother in a duel.

His skills and mutant ability to charge objects with kinetic energy made him an excellent thief and he adventured for a long time. It was during one such adventure, he met Storm ( while she was in her younger self). The two became a team and robbed many rich estates. Storm reverted to her former self and rejoined the X-men and Gambit chose to follow her.

While in the X-men, Gambit, at first takes a liking to Jean Grey and flirts with her a bit, but Rogue soons captures his heart. However, his efforts to approach Rogue are in vain.

Gambit is a mysterious character and there are unclear parts of his past. However, he seems to know Madripoor, SabreTooth, and some other old enemies of the X-Men. Bishop once suspected him of being a traitor to his companions in the future, but that plan has been revised since Professor Xavier has been shown to be Onslaught, the X-Traitor. In the future, Bishop was supposed to have been trained by Gambit, who taught him how to fight and was known as The Witness.