public rant OOP extends Previous {

I got my job because I drink beer and I like sport.
I glossed over my programming abilities in the interview for my current job and basically talked about about life and what the company actually does. I figured they'd read my cv, what's to tell? While I was extremely lucky to find such a cool company to work for, my experience in both video and IT is that no one wants the genius with all the right answers who bores everyone senseless.

But Seriously ....
inheritance - getting cool stuff when your ancestors die.
polymorphism - changing to or from the form of a parrot (requires extreme concentration).
encapsulation - putting powders or oils in plastic or gelatine containers for future ingestion.
aggregation - Pissing everyone off. (often by always being right)
multiple inheritance - The result of an unsolvable mass murder of ones relatives.
interfaces - Corners and edges of 3D objects.
templates - Temp workers who never get put on staff because they can't show up to work on time.
operator overload - The result of sufferering extreme sleep deprivation and answering phone calls from angry clients at eleven in the morning while still working after an all night session fixing bugs left by the boring guy with all the answers becuase the girl from the agency is probably still asleep.

I suppose in the interests of being informative i should say "DOn'T FoRgET TO bE HuMAn!"
..... which is to err .....

} catch (Exception err) {
  System.err.println("interviewers don't understand IT.....");
  System.out.println("you watching, employers ? huh? huh ??!??");