Binghamton, NY is a city of 50,000 situated in Broome County in Upstate New York at the meeting of the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers. Binghamton is a very nice city, with a beautiful, albeit empty, downtown. Many mountains surround, with a strikingly distinct community around it.

Binghamton is famous for quite a few things. IBM began in the Binghamton Area, as did Endicott-Johnson develop. Rod Serling, of Twilight Zone fame, was born in Binghamton. Mike Dunham of the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team, was born in Endwell. Edwin A. Link, an aviation pioneer especially in the field of flight simulators, came from Binghamton. Whitey Ford played baseball in Binghamton. Spiedies are a famous(?) food that has a massive following in the Binghamton Area. Also, IBM Owego was targeted by the Soviets.

The surrounding communities each have their own flavor. Endicott is the birthplace of IBM and the major site of Endicott-Johnson, which technically began in neighboring Johnson City. Endicott has a distinctive Italian culture, spawning the New World Order of the pizza, and the area's best treat: spiedies. These delightful sandwiches are made of skewered meat chunks marinated in a distinctive, special-purpose spiedie marinade (that's what makes it so good!), and served on Italian bread. (At least that's how I eat them.)

Johnson City is home to many people. Not as much of an identity as Endicott, though Johnson City is home to the largest shopping center in the Binghamton Area north of the Susquehanna.

Endwell is a hamlet sandwiched in between Endicott and JC, and is a very nice residential community with a frighteningly low crime rate, and a welcoming hand. Endwell is not known for much of anything, but it is a nice community none-the-less.

Vestal is the commercial hub of Binghamton, and is technically where Binghamton University resides. Many places of interest are in Vestal, such as popular shopping centers, such as the Town Square Mall, chain stores, and restaurants of all kinds, including fine dining.

Generally, Binghamton is a nice area in the Southern Tier in Upstate NY.