4chan is the end result of the downward spiral of Internet communities. The proletarian version of Usenet, without any intelligence or coherence. At the intersection of the worst parts of IRC, the anime community, the gamer community, whatever's left of the l33t h4x0rz, and every creepy, dweeby, role-playing potential date-rapist you know from your school. And yes, I speak as if my readers are university students, the oldest demographic on 4chan. (At least one would hope.)

4chan is drowning in disgusting pornography, rampant immaturity, unwarranted self-importance, mindless exploitation of taboos, and pedophilia. It seems the more time you spend reading 4chan, the more this stuff seems acceptable to you.

When you walk into your college radio station and hear immediately "longcat is long", you start to wish the Internet would go away. Surely, many of 4chan's more obsessive participants have better things to do with their time. If not, surely they could have the tact to leave this shit at their keyboards.

Makes you wish Adequacy was still around.