02.18 gmt
Oooo, it's the hour that exists twice..

I was told to be home by 3am, so kinda rushed my way home. Then realised that the clocks had gone back and it was 2am again. Silly me..

So what was I up to? We were at the union - on account of the fact that it's pissing down, I drove - and just before 11 left one bar to go to another, but it was full. So we left the cozy confines of the GU, to head down to somewhere on Byres Road. Mistake. They were id'ing people. Half of us couldn't get in. And the clubs close their doors at 11, so we were kinda stuck.

So we headed back to someone's house, by way of a couple of other houses for drink. And Dave decided to tape lots of stuff together.. And much silliness occured.

03.53 gmt

I emailed the guy on the radio with the above rant.. he just read it out. And he first said I was someone who emails him regularly, but then changed his mind and called me an "irregular". I feel honoured.. :)
and now I'm going to bed..