yesterday, continued...

01.45 gmt

After having spent some 5 hours on the Subcity Radio website, me and Rick call it a night. I walk out the office to go to the toilet, and notice a constant beeping coming from somewhere. It's the alarm control panel, and there's a big red LED next to "FIRE" in big red writing. I'm a little worried..
nevertheless, I go to the toilet, and on my way back down the stairs, slip, fall on my ass and twist my ankle, which consequently hurts like hell.

We leave the building to see a few fire engines pull up and some firemen trooping into the main building, and all is well. Other than my ankle.

15.15 gmt
After having done very little all day, I go into town to do some Christmas shopping. And end up with one thing, a gift box from purveyors of smelly things for baths, Lush. It's already giftwrapped... Still not found anything for mum, though.
17.00 gmt
Catch a bus back out the the uni to continue work on the Subcity site. There isn't a lot for Rick to do, so I just get on with boring tweens and buttons in Flash. The end result is pretty sweet, though - a file around 100k which looks really snazzy, and gets the job done without being intrusive at all. With any luck, I'll be able to control it externally, from another frame, with Javascript. Or perhaps that's being too hopeful?
23.00 gmt
'Tis done. Well, other than the one missing image, and the other munged one, but I ought to be able to fix that from home. I catch the last subway home and wonder why I can't put that much effort into stuff I get paid for. (Maybe it's because nobody's paid me to sit in front of a G4 with Apple Studio Display? Those things are sweet, man)