Well, this is certainly interesting. But don't think that it wouldn't lead to REAL TROUBLE. Why? I'll give you a list of reasons, so see if you can spot the conclusion before I give it away.

  1. It's a permanent implant, activated on command.
  2. There is no off switch.
  3. It is remotely controlled.
  4. Because of that, some sort of wave travels through the air (yes, and your skin) to activate it.
Ready? Here's the problem. You, essentially, have a remote control sensor under your skin, a device which transmits information to and from an outside source, with no direct link. And, as is always the problem with such devices, it can be manipulated by unwanted sources. "Surely the orgasm manufacturers will deal with that!" you exclaim. Well, think again.

  • Simple modification of a garage door opener, using a soldering gun, allows it to open other garage doors.
  • Even the most secure remote transmitters can be modified. Example: SpeedPass. SpeedPass is a system implemented in Massachusetts allowing drivers to bypass tolls using an infrared transmitter on their windshield. Tracking them was such a problem due to illegal modification that cameras had to be installed at each tollbooth. (Similar events transpired in New York and other states with similar devices.)
  • There are a lot of inventive hackers out there who would just love to have some fun with this technology.
To sum it all up, the following officially predicted commercial:

Got a rival businessperson who's going to be at that oh-so-important meeting with the boss? Maybe you should pack the Triggermatic, guaranteed to set off every orgasm implant in the room! Ruin careers! Embarass your enemies! The TriggerMatic. Now available in stores.