Note: There used to be a lot of writeups at the node Batman is over-rated, but they all died painful, painful deaths. This writeup shall attempt an actual analysis of the issue, with words from both the Pro- and Anti-Batman factions.

Key Points of Argument:

1. Batman doesn't have any superhuman powers. Batman, Bruce Wayne, used his tremendous wealth to construct things like the Batcave and to build an armored suit with fully equipped utility belt. He uses them to fight crime.

Anti-Batman: Batman isn't really a superhero. Batman got to his station in life and society as a rich man, and how did he get rich? By building the massive wealth of the Wayne Corporation on the backs of the workers. Now he's using those riches to build some armored suit, get a lot of gadgets, and engage in questionable relationships with teenage boys. There's no reason to revere this man as a hero.
Pro-Batman: The fact that Batman doesn't have any powers is what makes him such an intriguing character. Batman was an ordinary kid until seeing his parents gunned down, and he decided to become an effective crimefighter. That's the classical story of heroism, a change of heart that leads the protagonist to do good things for the remainder of their life.

2. The class of villains which Batman has to defeat is different from that of many other heroes. Batman traditionally battles homicidal maniacs rather than superpowered foes. Not always true, but frequently true.

Anti-Batman: The only villains that Batman has to face are other ordinary people. They don't even have the equipped Batman suits and whatnot; very few of them even have gizmos! What this comes down to is that Batman beats up on these poor guys in suits, runs them over with Batcycles and throws them back in Arkham Asylum. If I had an armorized battle suit, I'm sure that I could beat up these emaciated loonies too.
Pro-Batman: The villains that Batman has to face show real dedication to their murders. Batman, as a detective hero, has to track them and predict their eventual crimes. He fights the villains that are suited to him. Need someone to fight a giant space monster? Call Superman! But if you need somebody to take down a serial killer that's been murdering thirty-year old businessmen, there's really nobody else to get in touch with. Turn on the Bat Signal or whatever. Oh, and by the way: Superman doesn't even have a signal.

3. Batman is reliant on other people. Batman relies on his sidekick, Robin (a position held by several different teenage boys), and his butler, Alfred.

Anti-Batman: Sidekicks are out, out, out. How many modern heroes keep sidekicks around anyway? Can you think of one popular superhero besides Batman that keeps a support staff around? Iron Man has the same problems, so he doesn't count. It's independent heroes that matter these days, not wussy-boy teams.
Pro-Batman: Batman's just a person, so he's allowed to have some backup. Alfred keeps him in touch with what's happening with the police, a valuable asset when he's busy in the city fighting crime and whatnot. And Robin? Robin's more of a trainee than a sidekick, presumably to take over when Batman dies. Hah.

How Batman Defeats Superman: Easy. Batman just invites Superman out for a drink that's spiked with kryptonite. "Here, Superman, try some Kryptonite lager." "Kryptonite lager? That sounds kind of suspicious." "Oh, don't worry. That's just what we call beer, laced with Kryptonite! I mean, malt liquor."

This has been a summary of the Batman is over-rated node.