ZOOM is a multi-million dollar promotional campaign created by the University of Maryland to tout their newfound academic endeavours. The school wants to show that it's more than just a haven for vandalism and booze-induced mayhem (it's that too, much to the chagrin of the administration.) Rather, the aim of ZOOM is to show that UMCP is on par with the so-called elites in the world of higher education. Per the website:

What's going on at the University of Maryland?

What isn't going on at the University of Maryland!

This has been a time of unprecedented change.

We're out there every day collaborating on major research initiatives. And things aren't just zooming, they're booming.

We just opened the new, state-of-the-art Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. And next year we'll open the new Comcast Center.

And then there's the basketball thing.1


1: this portion can be heard in all the tv spots for ZOOM. With the unbelievable success of the football team, and dynasties in lacrosse and field hockey, UMD is anything but a one-trick pony. This can't be said for certain other so-called elite schools.