The Fuzzy Navel is a fairly well known drink which incorporates the peach flavor (most often in the form of peach schnapps) with the orange flavor. The name comes from the peach fuzz and the navel orange.

There is another source of orange flavor though - that of Tang. Drinks that incorporate Tang as one of the ingredients often have some part of the name relating to astronaut in honor of Tang being developed by NASA for a flavored space drink.

Thus, the Fuzzy Astronaut is born which adds peach flavor (once again most often from peach schnapps) to the orange flavor of tang.

Instead of orange juice to taste with a Fuzzy Navel, you add tang to taste.

Realize that some consider a fuzzy navel to include vodka:

This concoction starts to border on the Cosmonaut variant of the Tang theme which is in essence, Tang made with vodka.
  • 2 parts Tang
  • 1 part vodka
  • Served over crushed ice
Personally, I like my Tang strong and prefer have a shot of vodka and then water to get the tang to the proper thickness rather than the other way around.

From here we have the Fuzzy Cosmonaut (in this case as a shot):

Realize that there exists peach flavored vodka that has a bit more of a kick to it than schnapps (80 proof vs 48 proof). This makes for a 'simpler' drink which comes important as more is consumed. It also means that its quite 'fair' to dilute this a bit to avoid too much orange flavor or too much vodka flavor - a wider range.

Some information gleaned from, other from my own kitchen.

One has to wonder if they are drinking Cosmonauts up on the International Space Station...