Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence; reliance.

Webster makes it seem so easy - and peaceful - "resting of the mind". So many good qualities - integrity, justice, friendship. These betray the hidden nature of trust which waits lurking in the shadow of its definition.

Trust is an exercise in Naivete

Everyone is cynical enough at one time or another that they laugh at the naivete of someone else. From "gullible isn't in the dictionary" to "I love you". And so we trust - only to be lead astray by those who we thought spoke the truth.

Trust is the first step to betrayal

Every step you take that brings you closer to another person just makes it that much easier and more painful when stabbed in the back or when they suddenly run away - leaving you alone and hurt. After time spent needing someone, the emptiness left afterwards is devastating. Having forgotten how to be yourself without having someone else to walk down the path of life with you run quickly - caution to the wind to another person to walk with. Each step faster than the last only to repeat the cycle again.

Trust is an open door, inviting pain

It is only after we open our selves up, and let others be near us that the crushing blows to the heart can be felt. Straight to where it hurts, we have instructed them. "Hit me here, this is where it will hurt the most."