Lets face it, the days of text driven menu systems are over. Lets get rid of curses. There are a few simple steps that can be taken to get rid of curses in your environment.

  1. Learn Tk. Tk is a reasonably powerful toolkit (thats where the name comes from) for working with a gui. This is especialy true when coupled with another scripting language such as TCL or Perl.
  2. Migrate to the web. Web based interfaces are a growing movement for getting away from the command line and all those confusing switches that may be necessary to get someone's program to work.
  3. Use a real editor. Not vi. Not emacs. Something that really works with words. Notepad or Microsoft Word are recommended, possibly Star Office if your tastes run that way.
  4. Java's AWT. You will never have want for another character based interface after getting deep into the innards of the abstract window toolkit.

With perseverance, you can get rid of curses in your environment. Not all programs will be easily mapped to one of these methods, sometimes it may take a few to get all aspects of the program to work properly.

I love NetHack. Vi is my editor. This was spell checked using gnu ispell. Long live the command line! My apologies to PopeFelix for the inspiration.