Our manager called an off site early in the week for the day - a day just to relax in the park in a California summer. Many bottles of wine were brought, hot dogs, not dogs, hamburgers and whatnot were consumed. At about 2 in the afternoon, we started a game of Pictionary.

Before this tale progresses too far, it should be noted that one of the group brought her daughter who was in 4th grade or there abouts. While Pictionary (the original edition) is quite 'easy', the second edition of Pictionary is much more difficult (candidate, ingrown toenail, Father's Day, and other such joys to think about, much less draw). This was much to the dismay of the young girl who didn't know any of the words that were being chosen - much less how to depict them on paper. She wanted to play too - rather than watch the timer.

Finally, a word was drawn and she was certain she knew what it was. This word happened to have been one of the words that both teams drew for the steal possibility and it was my turn to draw.

Hump... ok, well a quick upside-down 'U' shape and a stylized camel head brought about a rapid responses from my team after they stopped trying to think about the camel too hard (a few arrows helped). Meanwhile, there were confused guesses from the other side.

The young girl had drawn two stick figures laying on top of each other.