As it appears to be, or as it is not appears to me; That appears to be the question:
Whether it appears to be nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous gammer,
Or to take arms against a sea of implications,
And by opposing end them.

Much of the English language that we speak is colored with metaphors and allusion. This is true of most other languages spoken. Originally Klingon was created without the verb 'to be' (it had to be added in for Star Trek VI so that they could quote Hamlet in Klingon), however few people are proclaiming that one should speak Klingon to end linguistic bias. (As a note: Klingon also lacks a word for 'love'.) To make the claim that P is Q or that P has the attribute Q is a natural way of thinking. My name is Michael. I am a person. Tolerance is not something governed by language. Just try avoiding the use of the state of being verb in everyday speech or poetry and see how difficult it is. Consider the absurdity of trying to describe yourself without using any form of 'to be'. This doesn't mean that the thoughts don't exist, but rather they have been suppressed or articulated differently.