My sister came into my room with an agenda. It was night and I was just about to go to sleep. She had this cunning anger in this eyes, as if she already knew the outcome and was going through the motions. The moment she arrived in my room I was wary of her. I wanted her to leave, but I lay in my bed propped up by my arms, just staring.

She had some vendetta, a reason for the fire in her. She had to change me for the worse. To her, her reasons were more than adequate. They girded her. They possessed her. I don't even remember what they were.

"I will revenge you", she said, slowly and evenly, "with hook and saber."

She displayed her weapons as she laid down on the floor next to my bed to go to sleep. I knew that she was not lying. I tell her to go away, but she just stared in me with those fire-eyes, her weapons gleaming. I tell her that I will get mom. She tells me that I can't, that it is no use.

The next thing I know, I have told my parents and they have called an ambulance. Three paramedics enter out backdoor. One of them has reddish hair and a big, bushy mustasche. They carry and stretcher and an IV full of a clear liquid. There is no noise upstairs. They come down with my sister and she is not on the stretcher, but she is held by her arms and she is subdued, still having those fire-eyes, those someone-will-die eyes. She gives us threats and calm prophecies, somthing along the lines of that.

After she leaves, I have papers in front of me with an official diagnosis by a doctor we know, even though she has not seen a psychiatrist. They reiterate what I believed, her threats of violence, her lapsed state of mind, her danger to herself and others.

I don't know where she is.