On the subject of node your homework, let me say that it is bloody difficult to think of 10 important things space probes have told us about the planets. By number 8 I was definately scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to thing of something to go after 'this is important'

Maybe I just have a lack of perspective or something...

For whatever reason, I just submitted this by email.

8 - Mapping of Venus

The distance of Venus, combined with the impenetrable nature of its atmosphere means that it cannot be mapped from earth. Nasa felt it necessary to launch the Magellan probe towards venus. It sucessfully mapped the surface of venus, which, like all the other planets, would be impossible to do with a telescope. The data sent back would be useful in planning missions to land on venus, and might help locate aliens. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/magellan/images.html Pretty pictures from magellan.
Oh dear.

Of the essay, java, and '10 things about the planets', I'm looking at 0% for the essay, 28% for the java, and some indeterminate mark for the astronomy. I suspect he won't think too highly of a late submission that belittles his field. Oh well.

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