'Aim' is a wonderful bit of adspeak that enables (mostly financial) companies to strongly imply something they have no way of proving (or even no intention of honouring) without forming a legally binding statement.

Examples include
  • Mail order: We aim to deliver the very next day
  • Savings plans: We aim to make you richer
  • Supermarkets: If there's ever more than one person ahead of you in the queue, we aim to open an additional checkout
This is taken to extremes by insurance companies, with such spurious statements as:
The AA aim to find you the best quote they can, from their range of leading insurers

What can we gather from this? The AA is going to try to resell the most appropriate plan offered by the insurers they have a relationship with. I'd be pretty shocked to find an insurance broker that didn't. The implication, however, is that a quote from the AA is likely to be the cheapest available.

This is the closest you can come to telling a bare-faced lie on British TV without incurring the wrath of the Advertising Standards Authority.