An instant messaging client which provides an interface to (currently) Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and AIM. It's similar to Jabber, except that it implements everything on the client side.

Everybuddy now has MSN and Jabber capabilitys. Everybuddy runs on *nix systems with GTK+. It is easily extendable with plugins. It features a rather cool way of managing buddy lists that I am rather fond of. You can organize people into different groups, the defaultts are Buddies and Unknown. You can also group people into sub groups. Each screen name is automatically given its own group, but these can be easily grouped together. For example, there's a person I know named Grace who has too many screen names and uses both AIM and ICQ, but all of those screen names are availible under "Grace". Despite its many advantages, Everybuddy is rather lacking in features. One of the nicer aspects is that the Everybuddy team is currently trying to reverse engineer the OSCAR protocal. That'd be cool.

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