"I will fornicate every three days." That's from Michalak's write up. The pact with the devil seems to apply to people who are sexually attracted to females, what with the flower of maidens and really? Nuns? I suppose that is devilish. It also promises only twenty years of life. So probably one should wait until at least age 70 to make this pact, unless you have serious health issues before then. I am holding off and anyhow, I want to write one for people who are sexually attracted to males and/or a bi one. Or a general one or one that includes humans. I don't want to make it too general.

But Lucifer, every three days seems sort of average. I suppose not if you are male and in your 80s or 90s or have diabetes and are over 50. 10.5% of the US population has diabetes according to the CDC (1). Another common problem that could affect erections is hypertension. The prevalence is 29.0%. "During 2015–2016, the prevalence of hypertension was 29.0% and increased with age: age group 18–39, 7.5%; 40–59, 33.2%; and 60 and over, 63.1%." (2) Wow, I am doing well, no hypertension. Heart disease, emphysema, back pain, post Covid-19, there are a lot of things that can interfere with intercourse.

I turn to google. Search on frequency of fornication in American males: https://www.good.is/Health/chart-lost-virginity. That was not exactly what I was looking for.

Another search: how often do US men have sex at different ages?

https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2017/08/168733/sex-frequency-age-average. This is from August 2017.

Ok, fornication every three days is about average or a little better than average for an 18 year old male in the US. Huh. And then it drops off with age. Well, except women in the 36-and-older age group report having the most sex (3). To be fair it is not clear at all whether that is a sexual peak or women get better and more confident about figuring out what they want and like and/or their partners figure out what gets the best bangs.

Ok, Lucifer, the every three days thing appears to be a better than average deal for your male soul sellers.

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