We are driving to California.

The extroverted feeler is nine and the introverted thinker is four.

We the parents are sniping at each other. I have just finished Love and Logic Parenting Classes. Would you like to know how it works? Logical consequences, as follows:

At a rest stop, I am playing catch with the EF.

He sighs dramatically.

"What's wrong?" I say, alert mom.

"Oh," he says, "if you and dad keep fighting, I will just be too tired to play catch with you at the rest stops."

I am holding the bag, errrr, ummm, ball. I am fabulously amazed, annoyed and heartened that my nine year old has Love and Logiced ME.

"Ok." I say. "You win. I apologize and will try not to fight with dad in the car on the trip."

He grins and we return to playing catch.